Friday, 6 March 2009


Don't you just love them! I use my local library an awful lot, I probably go in there twice a week, armed with a list of all the recommendations I've either read on the internet, heard about on the radio, seen on the TV or just from friends saying how much they've enjoyed a particular book.

I want to praise my wonderful library which, apparently, is one of the most popular and busiest in the UK despite being in a relatively small town.

After a major £1 million refurbishment in 2003, Blackburn Library has reinvented itself as a community resource with a retail feel – bright, spacious and funkily lit. It offers PDAs loaded with ebooks to take on holiday, comfy chairs, self service borrowing and a range of clubs including reading groups linked to others around the world, reflecting Blackburn’s diverse population.

In one corner of the library, near the CD's and DVD's, there is a wall-mounted plasma TV screen showing Sky Sports with comfy chairs, in another part you'll find young adults playing the latest games on a Playstation. Then in the main part is a large range of fiction and non-fiction titles, including many Audio Books, a Quick Choice section (picture shown above) ......... and that's just on the ground floor!

There's the Reference Library, Childrens Library, Learning Centre where the computers have internet access, Reading Room, Community History area for looking up newspapers etc. etc. so many things to mention. It's open 7 days a week, yes, 7 days!

It really is a credit to the people of Blackburn......and of course I mustn't forget there is the warm and friendly staff who are only too ready to help you. What more could one possibly want?!!

What's your library like?
Is it better than mine?
In what way?
Is it worse?
Do you have a library that's nearby or do you have to travel a long way?
Please feel free to leave me a comment.............

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