Sunday, 13 March 2011


Genre:  Short Stories
Published in eBook format:  December 2011 by Ocean Blue Press

My Rating:  7/10

This is a collection of 14 very short stories/flash fiction.
Some of the stories are funny, some are interesting, some are silly, and some of them I just didn’t understand!

One of my favourites was Gwen’s Dilemma …... about a woman who is opening a new flower shop, and how she becomes trapped inside while waiting for the locksmith to come and mend the door.  Very funny!
I also enjoyed The Spill ….. featuring Stephen, unemployed, stressed, who’s had a run of bad luck in the last few years, he’s moved house, been divorced and lost his job. And now his neighbour is giving him a headache with the noise he’s making, so he goes next door to investigate. With surprising results.
Mystery at Highward’s Lodge is a fascinating little story about a reporter looking for a well-known bank robber and gambler who was shot dead at the Lodge. Nice twist!

Some of the stories had twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.
I thought the writing was very good throughout with interesting characters.
Overall, I enjoyed some of them but some just ended too abruptly and to me they didn’t make any sense.

If you enjoyed reading very short stories here is a nice collection to download to your Kindle or eReader.

It is available to download from for only 71p
It is available to download from for only $3.44
Prices correct as at 13 March 2011

For more info on ML Poncelet and Ocean Blue Press please click here

Thanks to Michelle for sending me this download to review.

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