Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Book Review & Book Tour: ASK NO QUESTIONS BY LISA HARTLEY (Thriller)

I am thrilled to be involved in the blog tour for Ask No Questions and my review is below

Published by Canelo on 10 July 2017

Some secrets were meant to stay hidden… Trust no-one

After an operation goes badly wrong, undercover specialist Detective Caelan Small leaves the Metropolitan Police for good. Or so she thinks. Then the criminal responsible is seen back in the UK.
Soon Caelan is drawn into a dangerous investigation. But when the main lead is suddenly murdered, all bets are off. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone is a suspect - even close colleagues.
Someone in the Met is involved and Caelan is being told to Ask No Questions.
That isn't an option: Caelan needs answers… whatever the cost.  

Ask No Questions is the first in a new crime series featuring Metropolitan Police Officer Caelan Small and, if this is the sort of situation she finds herself in then it should be a great addition to the crime genre.

The story is very narrative driven, the plot is unpredictable with lots of twists that I definitely didn't see coming.

Caelan Small is a very loyal person, she was the best undercover officer the Met Police had.

She kept going back in her mind to what happened the night a young boy was kidnapped, did she do everything she could to save him, she starts to doubt the circumstances of what happened and she starts to suspect even her closest colleagues are lying to her ...... but they also suspect her ..... which leads to an intriguing cat and mouse scenario.

This is about trust and betrayal and Caelan trusts nothing but her instincts, her training and her ability as an undercover specialist as she tries to find answers to the many questions scattered throughout the story, all of which kept me turning the pages eager to know!

Full of intrigue and suspense, with strong characters, Ask No Questions had me questioning all the time 'who do I believe and who do I trust'.  The pace slackened occasionally while I caught my breath, the writing was never dull, this is one enjoyable read.

Meet the Author

Lisa Hartley lives with her partner, son, two dogs and several cats. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in English Studies, then had a variety of jobs but kept writing in her spare time. In addition to this new series with Canelo she is also working on the next DS Catherine Bishop novel.

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