Wednesday, 24 December 2008



If I want more information on an author or a book, the website I always turn to is fantasticfiction. It's amazingly informative and up to date.

For instance, if I wanted to know about Patricia Cornwell I would just type in her name under Search Author: a new page then opens up, there is some personal blurb (usually) and - this is the bit that I love - all her books are listed in chronological order, you can click on any one which will open up again with information about that particular book. This page contains a short synopsis of the book.

The front page of the site contains loads of info as well - showing all new books recently released and coming soon. It claims to have bibliographies for over 15,000 Authors and information on over 250,000 books!

All in all, it's got everything that you need! Definitely a favourite of mine.

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