Friday, 9 July 2010


Genre: Cookery Book

Published by: ACP Publishing Pty Ltd (April 2010)

Pages: 120 (Paperback)

My Rating: 10/10


About the Book:

This is a compendium of all your favourite biscuits. It's the sort of book you'll refer to again and again, you'll teach your children how to make biscuits from it and they'll teach their children. T
here are recipes for plain biscuits, biscuits with creamy fillings, iced biscuits, slices and macaroons. Everything you expect to find is here: shortbread, chocolate chip cookies, melting moments, caramel slice, coconut slice, macaroons. As well there are features on especially easy-to-make biscuits such as no-bake biscuits and one-bowl biscuits. Each recipe is explained simply so even a beginner will have immediate success.

I have lots of different cookery books but this is definitely going to be a big favourite in my house! The pages are wonderfully glossy and every single recipe has a lovely colourful picture of the finished article.


Introduction - Which contains tips to help you bake perfect batches every time, from the equipment you need to how to store them.

Plain Biscuits - These include Chocolate Chip Cookies - Mini Florentines - Mocha Vanilla Twists - Banana, Caramel and Date Cookies - Basic Shortbread Dough to enable you to make (amongst others) Choc-Mint Shortbread and Latte Shortbread Dippers - Gingerbread and many others.
There are 27 different kinds of Plain Biscuit recipes in this section, all with professional pictures.

Filled Biscuits - Delicious Melting Moments - Lime and Ginger Kisses - Caramel Peanut Hearts - Wagonettes - Lemon Meringue Kisses - 18 recipes in total.

Macaroons - 12 different recipes including Coconut, Cranberry and White Chocolate Macaroons - Caramel Pecan Macaroons - Raspberry Macaroon Dreams.

Biscotti - Lovely Almond Bread - Jaffa Biscotti - Coffee and Walnut Biscotti - Lemon, Honey and Pistachio Biscotti - 10 varied recipes.

Slices - From Chocolate Caramel Slice to Rhubarb Custard Slice and another 29 delicious Slices in between.

With a Glossary, Conversion Chart and Index at the back of the book.

All the mouthwatering recipes are clear and easy to understand with the ingredient measures in ounces, cups and grams.

This delicious book is highly recommended by me and my family - especially the Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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