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Published by Createspace May 2011
(Boys Adventure Novel)

My Rating: 8/10

About the Book:

It was supposed to be an adventure in the wilds of Alaska, a test of manhood for all the boys signed up on the school trip. Instead it was nothing more than a long hike through some pretty trees. That is until Rick Frost and his friend Ben Nakni see a plane crash into the forest. A real adventure has just found them. The only survivors of the crash are Robert Blair and his daughter Alexis, who just happens to be the hottest teen actress in Hollywood.........but the crash was no accident.
"Alaska was everything Los Angeles was not.  In place of palm trees and ocean breezes, she saw only cold, pine and rock.  Miles of trees and mountains stretched across the horizon.  It was like an artist was stuck with green, brown, blue and white as his only colours and decided to go nuts with them.  No lattes, no cell signal, no texts from friends."
Rick Frost and the Alaskan Adventure is the first in a new series of adventure books featuring likeable 14 year old Rick Frost and I thought it was a terrific debut novel.  The story centres on why and who would want to kill a 16 year old Hollywood actress by shooting down her plane and hunting her.  Rick and his friend Ben save the life of the ungrateful and spoilt Alexis and travel deep into the Alaskan wilderness while a team of mercenaries with automatic weapons pursue them.

Thanks to Rick's knowledge of the terrain they try to outwit them while Alexis annoys him teasing him about being so young and constantly moaning about having no food while climbing up and down hills.  Their bickering and put-downs were a fun element to the storyline and I enjoyed following their relationship almost as much as their adventures!

This is a thrilling read which I was engrossed in throughout.  It was full of great characters, who were easy to relate to, exciting encounters from native Inuits to an angry bear and almost non-stop action.

I'm sure this would appeal to young girls who would love Rick's handsome looks and boys would love to be him.

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