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Reunited With Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire by Barbara Wallace - Blog Tour Promo + Extract

I'm delighted to be part of the Blog Tour for Reunited With Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire and I have a fantastic Extract below

For billionaire Whit Martin, Jamie Rutkowski is the one who got away. Now his college girlfriend is back to celebrate their best’s friend’s marriage. As their chemistry reignites into an even greater passion, Whit’s determined that this time their relationship will work. But are they ready to unlock the secrets of their past…if it means a chance at forever?

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Reunited with Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire is a – you guessed it – a second chance at love story.  Former college lovers, Whit Martin and Jamie Rutkowski, are reunited when their best friends become engaged.  It’s been several years since they’ve seen each other.  Neither are the person they were in college.  Jamie’s gone on to build a successful career as a ghostwriter.  And Whit… Well, let’s just say Whit’s been through hell and back since graduation.

In this scene, Whit has invited Jamie for lunch, ostensibly to catch up. There’s a second reason for the meeting, however. Whit’s hoping to hire Jamie to tell his story.  

Sitting in the sunshine, sharing a chocolate torte, Whit almost forgot the reason he’d invited Jamie to lunch.

Almost. His mission came as the waitress brought over a second pot of hot water. Washing down his final bite of torte, he eased into the subject. “By the way, I downloaded your art theft book and read some of it last night.”


“You sound surprised.”

“I am, a little,” she replied.

“You shouldn’t be. It’s not every day a friend writes a book. I really enjoyed it.”

The real reason, of course, was that he wanted to sample her work before they talked. Having read her papers back in school, he knew she could write. What surprised him was how the book sounded exactly like it had been written by a gruff, retired police detective.

“Do your books always sound like the people who hired you?” he asked.

“As much as possible, they do. Fortunately, a lot of what I write are business books. With those I can get away with letting my own voice creep in a bit more.”

“That must take some skill.”

“My agent thinks so,” she replied. He waited while she ate the piece of torte she’d sliced off. Her clients probably loved working with her, he imagined. She was easy to talk to and easy to look at. A sexist opinion, yes, but he refused to take back the compliment.

“How did you get involved in writing other people’s books?” he asked her. “I’m guessing you didn’t wake up one morning and say, ‘I’m going to be a ghostwriter.’”

She shook her head. “Honestly? I fell into it. I was working for a small company and one of our clients needed someone to edit a book she’d written. Long story short, the manuscript sucked, and I ended up rewriting the whole thing, saving the client a ton of embarrassment. A year later I signed on with a ghostwriting agency, learned I could make way more money and be my own boss, and voilĂ . A career is born.”

“And that book by the ballplayer you told me about. Was that something your agent arranged?”

“Yeah, it was...” She set down her fork and looked at him straight on. “Why do you sound like you’re giving me a job interview? Are you looking to write a book?”

“Actually...” Did he really want to do this? There was still time to change his mind. He could make up some lame excuse and forget all about telling his story.

And then what? He needed this monkey off his back once and for all, and if he could help someone else in the process, then so be it.

If he was going to expose his skeletons, however—he signaled the waitress—he needed black coffee rather than tea.

Jamie was waiting for him to continue. With a deep breath, he plowed forward. “Actually, I want you to write a story. A cautionary tale about a man’s descent into booze, drugs and destruction and the damage he left behind.”


The question faded off. Whit saw in her eyes the moment her brain answered her own question. She knew, but she was afraid to say so out loud. He said it for her. “Me, Jamie. I want you to tell my story.”

What happens next changes their lives. Oh, and Whit’s story? It’s a doozy. Jamie will need to convince him that he’s worthy of love – once she realizes she’s worthy herself.

 Meet the Author

Barbara Wallace is the best selling author of over two dozen romance and cozy mystery novels.  Her books can be found world-wide, including the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Australia.

A native New Englander, Barb lives in the suburbs with her husband of thirty-one years. Their only son is married and lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. When she's not writing, you'll find her hard at work at her other job, that of an unappreciated caretaker to two demanding rescue cats. For some reason they seem to think laps are for petting, not laptop computers.

Social Media Links – Website: www.barbara; Instagram:  Facebook: 


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