Wednesday, 6 January 2010

BOOK NEWS: New book chronicles a year living solely by Oprah Winfrey's tips

Robyn Okrants followed Oprah Winfrey's advice for a year for the new book.

Readers are to be given the chance to see how successful Oprah Winfrey's tips are for day-to-day living.

A Chicago-based author has expressed her relief at finishing her latest project, a book chronicling a year of living solely by the advice dished out by Oprah Winfrey.

Due to be launched next week, with the start of a new year always prompting a surge in demand for self-help and improvement guides, Living Oprah tells how Robyn Okrant spend 12 months following every single snippet of advice handed out by the talk show host.

Such lifestyle hints include taking up yoga, listening to Celine Dion and becoming more environmentally-aware.

However, despite much of the advice having turned out to be sound, Okrant has revealed that the book is far from a "sycophantic" work, and is unlikely to be included in Oprah's own Book Club at any point soon, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Explaining how the constant barrage of advice led her to the point of exasperation, she told the newspaper: "It might not be the case of the blind leading the blind, but it's certainly the stressed leading the stressed."

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