Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Eloquent Books (Feb 2009)

Pages: 138 (Paperback)

My Rating: 5/10


About the Book: (taken from taylorbeisler.com)

Imagine a world beyond any other, where time continues to sift through the hands of a young man named Airsing. This boy is destined for greatness, but all he wants to do is fit in; he does indeed fit, but to something veiled from the present. His fate collides with a young man called Xavier. When a boy, Xavier was taken to the forbidden Nyros and manipulated into an int; his father was brainwashed into a Syfrin, not even remembering his son to the point of beating Xavier to death. Xavier has to make a grave choice, either way, to survive, but which path does he take? Airsing has the same decision when faced with the opportunities to survive or surrender, but which road does he travel? Join these characters on a life-threatening journey, but be warned: this series doesn't end as their path would lead you to believe. A dragon rider, a betrayer, and a small company of friendship combine to threaten this evil time where the dark lord, Arkt, is fighting to take over their world. What happens next? The end is never so clear ...

My Thoughts:

Taylor Beisler has tried to create a new and different fantasy world where flying dragons have human riders and where war is always imminent.

But, I am afraid that I found her writing style quite difficult to follow. It did not flow very easily as I had to read some sentences more than once to understand exactly what was meant. It seemed to me as if some simple words were replaced by more difficult ones and I found this quite frustrating and did spoil my overall enjoyment of the story.

As for the story, there were some paragraphs which just did not make sense due to the phrasing and I couldn't picture the scene in my head, and it wasn't until I read on that it became clear what was happening.

As this is the authors debut novel, I don't want to be too negative as she does have some good creative ideas and in Xavier and Airsing she has two likeable and interesting characters who will have more adventures in the future ......... I believe there is a sequel coming out soon and I wish her good luck on her next venture!

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