Friday, 28 May 2010


Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Booksurge (May 2009)

Pages: 156 (Paperback)

My Rating: 7/10


Grace is a 39 year old bored housewife living in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters. She dislikes her husband, her friends, her figure, her lifestyle, and wonders why her teenage daughter is so nasty to her, not realising that she herself is such a nasty, selfish person.

When she is contacted by an old school friend, April, via a social networking site she is immediately jealous to discover that her friend is now a celebrity hugging fashion photographer to the stars. They meet up for lunch and Grace is invited to a party that evening at April's apartment where she is promised that famous people will be attending. After lying to her husband about where she is going, she meets the rich, handsome and charming Victor who seems smitten with her and he invites her to his Malibu home.

As Grace lies more and more to her family without feeling guilty she soon realises that Victor and his world is not all it seems.

My Thoughts:

At only 156 pages I soon sped through the story, the writing style was simple and the characters were believable. I didn't like Grace at all or any of her hypocritical friends, they were all nasty and bitchy, and her husband was a wimp who never really questioned Grace on her whereabouts, he just believed her lies.

One thing that I couldn't understand - Grace was mentioned on the back cover and in the book as being middle-aged - but since when is 39 middle-aged??!

Anyway, apart from that it was an easy book to read, and I did enjoy it overall. One to read while sitting on the beach or in the garden when you just want something light.

Special Thanks to Greg Liberman for sending me this book to review.

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