Monday, 1 November 2010


Product Description

Living Nature Nourishing Day Cream - New FormulaTreat your skin with this nutrient rich day cream that has been formulated to deliver nourishment and protection, optimising your skin health. A unique blend of Manuka Honey and Shea Butter will restore valuable moisture. A lovely, smooth cream suitable for combination, normal, and dry skins.

As with all the products I have reviewed from mypure this is sulfate free, paraben free and phthalate free.

I have been using this nourishing Day Cream for the last few weeks. It comes in a pretty but quite plain container and I had real problems in opening it! I tried unscrewing the top, pushing it, pulling it but I just couldn't open it, until I looked on the bottle and read that you have to first remove the tag from the cap at the BOTTOM of the bottle and then it opens. Not sure if I was just being a bit stupid or it was a stupid way to open it. Anyhow, I opened it but I'm still not convinced that this is a good idea as sometimes when I pull the cap the cream spills out.

However, that is my only real complain about the product.

The cream is a lovely smooth consistency which smells divine -- I can't place the scent but I presume it is manuka honey and totara extract as those are the ingredients on the front of the box.

Living Nature claim that the plant actives can speed up the skin renewal and repair process -- and repair the damage done to your skin during the day, i.e. free radical damage, loss of moisture and UV damage. It also promotes cell repair and brings fresher, younger-looking skin to the surface.

It spreads very easily on my face and was soon absorbed. It's very light. I have combination skin and it is suitable for normal and dry skin as well.

My skin felt lovely and smooth afterwards, and it didn't get too greasy later in the day which it has a tendency to do.

As I've only been using it for a few weeks I haven't really noticed a huge difference, but I really do like the feel of it and would definitely recommend it for everyday use.

A 50ml bottle sells on mypure for £21.00.

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