Wednesday, 14 September 2011


About the Product:

The first and most popular Radius toothbrush, provides an all-over mouth clean. A wide oval head with 300% more premium bristles than any ordinary toothbrush distributes pressure, reduces erosion, and massages sensitive gum tissue while the handle has an ergonomic easy grip ensuring a dentist recommended 45 degree angle.  

As you can see in the above picture this is no ordinary toothbrush!  The head is far larger than any other toothbrush I've ever used and the handle is a completely different and unusual shape as well.

Unfortunately, I did not like using this toothbrush at all, I found it too unwieldy to use.  I thought the handle was uncomfortable to hold and I could not get used to the size of the brush head.  I just couldn't continue with it - I never got used to using it all - and I did try for quite a while!  It just wasn't for me.

The only compliment I can give it is that the bristles were lovely and soft.

Apparently, as the Radius bristles do not absorb water they last up to three times longer and only need replacing every 9 months instead of 3.

They are available in different colours and can be bought from for £9.99.

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