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If you seek, they will find...

The treasure:

For over two thousand years, the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great - and the riches concealed within - has evaded discovery. Now, after centuries of searching, an ancient map has come to light that could hold the key to finding the fabled vault. Only one team has the skill and the expertise to solve the mystery once and for all.

The mission:

It's up to The Hunters - an elite group assembled to track down the world's greatest treasures - to find the tomb. But on arriving in Alexandria, it quickly becomes clear that hostile forces are on their trail. And when one of the team is captured in cisterns deep below the city, what began as a treasure hunt becomes a deadly rescue mission.

My Thoughts:

The Forbidden Tomb is the second in The Hunters series to feature an elite group comprising Jack, leader, ex major in the US Army; Sarah, CIA trained spy and security expert; Jasmine, Academic and Historian; Josh, ex marine, sniper and weapons expert and Hector the Hacker.  All experts in their field and all willing to do what it takes to locate their goal -- the Tomb of Alexander the Great -- one of the most brilliant military minds in history.

The group have an ancient map which they believe can guide them to the whereabouts of the tomb in Alexandria and this is where they start their exploits.

As the story unfolds the group realise that some people will do anything to stop them from discovering the tomb, whether they have to kill one person or hundreds, they don't care.

Timoclea Before Alexander the Great by Domenichino

The book features reams of historical facts about Alexandria, Egypt and Alexander, some of which did drag on a bit but, in some ways, it was essential to the story to know these details.

There was little depth to the characters apart from one of them.

The story had all you would expect from an adventure novel, ancient mysteries, violent deaths, underground tunnels, lies and deceit, psychopaths, explosions, violence, shocks and twists.

Source:  I received a copy from Bookbridgr in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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