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I am delighted to be a part of the Pressed Pennies Virtual Book Tour and today my stop is a review of this lovely book.


Publication Date: May 13, 2104 

Number of Pages: 355 

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Rick and Abby grew up together, became best friends, and ultimately fell in love. Circumstance tore them apart in their early teens, though, and they went on to lives less idyllic than they dreamed about in those early days. Rick has had a very successful career, but his marriage flat-lined. Abby has a magical daughter, Paige, but Paige`s father nearly destroyed Abby`s spirit. 

Now fate has thrown Rick and Abby together again. In their early thirties, they are more world-weary than they were as kids. But their relationship still shimmers, and they`re hungry to make up for lost time. However, Paige, now nine, is not nearly as enthusiastic. She`s very protective of the life she`s made with her mother and not open to the duo becoming a trio. Meanwhile, Rick has very little experience dealing with kids and doesn`t know how to handle Paige. This leaves Abby caught between the two people who matter the most to her. What happens when the life you`ve dreamed of remains just inches from your grasp?

PRESSED PENNIES is a nuanced, intensely romantic, deeply heartfelt story of love it its many incarnations, relationships in their many guises, and family in its many meanings. It is the most accomplished and moving novel yet from a truly great storyteller of the heart.


My Thoughts:

Pressed Pennies is one of the most emotional books I have ever read.  Steven Manchester has a way of describing situations where you really feel as if you're part of the story.

Being a mother myself I could totally understand Abby's feelings towards her daughter, she wanted to protect her, she didn't want her getting hurt and she wanted to put her first, but she was so torn between her and her feelings for Rick, her childhood sweetheart.

Abby and Paige are leaving their old home behind and making a new start -- here's a description of their weeping willow tree in their old backyard:

How sad it looked, its trunk rough and faded, its branches twisted and bent, each fighting for their rightful place......yet it was a survivor.  It was a teacher of life.  Its appearance, though less than others, lasted long after many had perished.  Through acceptance, it did not fight the inevitable but changed with it.  It was the perfect example of forgiveness, perseverance and wisdom.  It was the most beautiful of all.

It is beautifully written with believable characters and situations.

I thought the title was unusual but, having read the book, I think it is perfect.  I won't spoil it by saying why.

This is the sort of book to read slowly and savour, not one to be rushed, read it at your leisure and enjoy!


Meet the Author

Steven Manchester is the author of the #1 bestsellers, Twelve Months and The Rockin` Chair. He is also the author of the critically-acclaimed, award-winning novel, Goodnight, Brian, as well as A Christmas Wish (Kindle exclusive), Pressed Pennies (due out May 2014) and Gooseberry Island (due out January 2015). His work has appeared on NBC`s Today Show, CBS`s The Early Show, CNN`s American Morning and BET`s Nightly News. Three of Steven`s short stories were selected "101 Best" for Chicken Soup for the Soul series. When not spending time with his beautiful wife, Paula, or their four children, this Massachusetts author is promoting his works or writing. Visit: www.StevenManchester.com




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  1. Many thanks for the amazing review and for sharing PRESSED PENNIES with your readers!



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