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Published:  29 May 2014
Publisher:  No Exit Press
Paperback:  320 Pages
Genre:  Murder Mystery


A glamorous young TV soap star dies in a car crash. Returning for her sixth case, Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel is baffled as the driver of the second vehicle miraculously survives - and vanishes. Another young actress is murdered and, once again, the killer mysteriously disappears. Geraldine unwittingly risks her sergeant's life in their struggle to track down a serial killer who leaves no clues.


My Thoughts:

Fatal Act is the sixth book in the Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel series and the third Leigh Russell book I've read ...... and I think this is the best of them.

When a TV soap star is killed in a car crash it seems like an accident at first but it then becomes clear that she was murdered. Her older lover is the main suspect, especially when another young actress who was known to him is also murdered.

For Geraldine work gave her life meaning and purpose and she has to juggle her personal life with her professional life to uncover how the killer managed to disappear from the crime scenes like the invisible man (or woman).

The storyline was well paced without being too exciting, it had a steady feel to it, a page turner nearing the end, strong characters and a good mystery all add up to an above average thriller.


Leigh Russell can be found at her website  -- on Twitter  --  Facebook


Source:  I received a copy for review from RealReaders


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  1. I enjoyed reading this review, but not half as much as I have enjoyed reading ALL of Leigh's books.



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