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It’s been fifteen years since Rosamunde last lived at the vicarage in Potter’s Cove, the pretty coastal village where she grew up, experienced her first true love—and a heartbreak that changed her life forever. But now Potter’s Cove is calling her back: it’s time to make peace with the past and go home.
Rosamunde’s return to the vicarage in the days before Christmas is a whirlwind of festive cheer and heartwarming reunions with friends, family and her loving father, the vicar. And while seeing the old place after all this time stirs painful memories of long-ago grief, it also reminds her of all the love she left behind. Fifteen years ago she vowed never to let herself be vulnerable again—but now that she’s back she’s not so sure. Is it possible that real happiness could strike more than once?

Christmas at the Vicarage spans three decades of memories for Rosamunde on her return to the small coastal town after travelling around the world for fifteen years.  During the build up to Christmas Rosamunde's preparations are intertwined with her memories of the past.  
Starting in 2014 and going back and forth in time from 1978 as Rosamunde remembers living in the Vicarage with her sister and father after her mother died.  She thinks of her first love, of how her life may have been, if circumstances had been different.
The Vicarage sounds a wonderful place to live, everything happens there, from holding the auditions for the grown-ups nativity to lovers meeting.  I really wanted to live there!  It's a kind of cosy, blanket that wrapped around me.  All the goings on are watched over by Rosamunde's lovely father, the vicar, who is the most gentle, patient, funny, kind man.
This is a really enjoyable and unpredictable story, keeping me guessing as to why Rosamunde had come back home now, I kept turning the pages not knowing what to expect next.  A heartwarming read, perfect for the festive season.

Special thanks to the publishers Lake Union Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this via NetGalley.

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