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An Abiding Fire by M.J. Logue - Book Tour & Book Review

Today, I am delighted to be part of M.J. Logue's Blog Tour for her new book An Abiding Fire, thanks to Sapere Books ... see my thoughts below .....

How do you solve a murder when you are one of the suspects?
1664, London
Life should be good for Major Thankful Russell and his new bride, Thomazine. Russell, middle-aged and battle-scarred, isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect husband for an eligible young woman but the moment Thomazine set eyes on her childhood hero, she knew they were destined for one another.
But Russell, a former Roundhead, now working for the King’s intelligence service, was never going to have a simple life in Restoration London.
Unable to shake suspicions of his Parliamentarian past, someone seems hell-bent on ruining his reputation — and his life.
Whispers about his sister’s violent murder follow him and accusations of treason abound.
When more deaths occur Russell finds himself under suspicion.
He is ready to escape from the capital, but Thomazine is determined to find the truth and clear the name of the man she loves.
But who is the real killer and why are they so keen to frame Russell? More importantly, will they succeed?
And has Thomazine’s quest put them all in mortal danger?

Once I had got used to the quirky style of writing and settled into the book, I really enjoyed this historical mystery from the seventeenth century.

The main characters of Thankful and Thomazine are a delight to get to know, they're amusing, playful, romantic and I loved their sense of humour.  They are such opposites, thoughtful Thankful and tearaway Thomazine!

Though Thankful is not sorry that his murdered sister is dead, she was a cruel, unloving and vicious bitch, his reputation is at stake as rumours persist that he was the killer, and it's up to the newlyweds to discover who the killer is.

If you're looking for a historical mystery with a good dose of romance then this might just be for you!  I found it a totally entertaining read.

About the Author

M. J. Logue (as in cataLOGUE and epiLOGUE and not, ever,
loge, which is apparently a kind of private box in a theatre)
wrote her first short novel on a manual typewriter aged
seven. It wasn’t very good, being about talking horses, but
she made her parents sit through endless readings of it
Thirty-something years later she is still writing, although
horses only come into it occasionally these days. Born and
brought up in Lancashire, she moved to Cornwall at the turn
of the century (and has always wanted to write that) and
now lives in a granite cottage with her husband, and son,
five cats, and various itinerant wildlife.
After periods of employment as a tarot reader, complaints
call handler, executive PA, copywriter and civil servant, she
decided to start writing historical fiction about the period of
British history that fascinates her – the 17th century.
Her first series, covering the less than stellar career of a
disreputable troop of Parliamentarian cavalry during the
civil wars, was acclaimed by reviewers as “historical fiction
written with elegance, wit and black humour” – but so many
readers wanted to know whether fierce young lieutenant
Thankful Russell ever did get his Happy Ever After, that the
upcoming series of romantic thrillers for Sapere Books began.
Get in touch with MJ
She can be found on Twitter @Hollie_Babbitt, lurking on the
web at, and posting photos of cake,
cats and extreme embroidery on Instagram as 

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