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Molly Cooper's Dream Date by Barbara Hannay - Book Review



Publisher:  Mills & Boon Modern Heat
Published:  March 2011

Molly’s Diary April 10th

So, I’ve finally done it. I’ve house-swapped my little cottage in Australia for a snazzy bachelor pad in Chelsea. I can’t wait to explore London. Most of all I’m hoping to meet my dream man, my secret fantasy: a perfect English gentleman. Though I’m starting to wonder whether Patrick, my house-swapper, might actually be HIM! Is that ridiculous?

We’ve been e-mailing – and he sounds HOT! Oh, hang on, there’s another e-mail now – can’t wait to find out what Patrick’s been up to… What do you do when you realise the one you want is half a world away – living in your home, sleeping in your bed…?

The story is told mainly through a series of emails and diary entries which I found a little unusual to begin with but, once I'd got used to the style of writing, I enjoyed this way of communicating.

Starting slowly at first, the emails between Patrick in Australia and Molly in London were mostly about how they were settling in and details about the area the houses were situated in etc. 

Then Patrick's mother called to see Molly, well she was being nosy really!  And she helped Molly with her fear of the Tube.  

Then, over time, their emails started becoming friendlier and they joked with one another.  Patrick was writing a novel and he asked Molly for some advice on the female mind and then Molly started to confide her innermost thoughts to Patrick.

It was all very sweet and heart-warming.  This is a lovely easy read and I enjoyed the descriptions of the idyllic beach where Molly lived, they were such a contrast to Patrick's life in London.

Molly Cooper's Dream Date is a romantic tale that will lift your heart and make you forget your woes.

My thanks to publishers Mills & Boon for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Molly Cooper's Dream Date has now been turned into a Movie!

It is called A Christmas Exchange and the details can be found here

There is also a video on YouTube here

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