Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Genre: Fantasy/SF
Published by: Sam's Dot Bookstore
Pages: 58 on my eReader
My Rating: 8/10

About the book:

Z’thandra, the last swamp elf in Aphanasia, lives with the Reptar, a fierce race of lizard-people, most of whom resent her presence and want her gone from their village. When she discovers a human in the swamp and falls in love with him she must face the most difficult decision of her life. Will she pursue a life of happiness with the man she loves and in doing so condemn the Reptar to extinction, or will she chose to sacrifice her future to offer them hope? In the end the choice she makes will affect the Reptar for generations.

Every once in a while I come across a book that is an unexpected pleasure and this short novelette by Rhonda Parrish is just such a book.

From the first page, where we are introduced to Z’thandra, the only survivor from a village ravaged by fever, to the surprising ending I found it very engaging and enjoyable.

The writing was descriptive and flowing, I could picture it very clearly, the characters were believable and the plot was very original.  I read it over two nights, which is pretty good for me!

As it is such a short book we are not given the back stories to the characters, nor do we find out why Z’thandra was the only survivor, in fact there are quite a few questions unanswered at the end.  Maybe if it was turned into a longer book the author could expand on those details.

A nice quick and easy read for fantasy fans, if you’re looking for something short with a storyline that’s not too predictable please give this a try.

It is available from Sam’s Dot Bookstore.

To read more about the author Rhonda Parrish please click here.

I received this eBook from the author for review.

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