Thursday, 9 June 2011


About the Product:

Alva Crystal Deodorant SENSITIVE Pump Spray is a hypoallergenic natural deodorant for sensitive skin and moderate perspiration.

This neutral unscented aluminium-free and alcohol-free crystal deodorant spray effectively fights odour courtesy of the himalayan crystal salt, whilst underarm wetness is curbed by ammonium alum.

This comes in a neat little blue bottle and has a pump spray.  It is unscented so it doesn’t clash with the perfume you’re wearing.

I am afraid that this is not one of my favourite items from mypure.  

The spray is in a liquid form and it is very watery so the excess dripped down my body after I’d sprayed it under my arm.  Not a very nice feeling!  It also took ages to dry which I didn’t like ….. I’m not the most patient person first thing in the morning and I just want to spray, get dressed and go …... but I was waiting around for it to dry and, eventually I gave up and just put my clothes on while my underarms were still wet - yuck!!

I will not be using this again, I am really disappointed in the product.  Did it work?  Yes, but it was no better than any other deodorant that I’ve used.  

It is available from mypure in a 75ml bottle for £8.75.

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