Sunday, 3 July 2011


Genre:  Fiction
Published by:  Red Rose Publishing  (May 2010)
Pages:  160 on my eReader
Source:  Received from the author
My Rating:  7/10

This is the tale of a young girl who reads too many romance novels and believes that the secret to happiness is to find the man of her dreams and she'll live happily ever after ............but she discovers that life is not perfect and it doesn't work out the way it does in romance novels.

We follow Maud as she makes mistakes in picking the wrong man (I'm sure most girls can identify with that!) for the wrong reasons.

The only friend she has is a toy gargoyle that she picked up at a fair, he was a 6" grey plastic creature, hunchbacked with short thin bowed legs and large pointy ears.  It was quite weird when, after 10 years, he suddenly started talking to her and offering his advice on her love life......but I really loved the idea!  It was so funny yet, in the context of the book, I thought it worked. 

Oh how Maud needed advice!  One boyfriend asked her if there was anything in her past that could embarrass him one day by the media if he was a politician....not very romantic!  She even experimented with a female relationship.  There are some X-rated scenes!
This is a light-hearted and fun read that's easily downloaded to your reading device...........ideal for the lazy summer days when you just want to read a short story.

E.M. Muller's website is here.  I thank her for sending me this download.


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