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Genre:  Hobbies/Pastimes
Published by:  Greatest Guides  (Jan 2011)
Pages:  160  (Paperback)
Source:  From the Publisher
My Rating:  9/10

About the Book:

With a multitude of prizes and life-changing experiences up for grabs from high-profile companies, it's hardly surprising that the hobby of 'comping' is rapidly increasing in popularity. This book will help dispel any myths associated with competition rigging, and will guide you effortlessly through the maze of highly-effective techniques that Karen J. Jones has developed in her role as a prolific winner of high-value prizes. Karen's phenomenal success has spanned over thirty years. She now shares the secrets of her success with you, in the hope that you can also derive endless enjoyment from this intriguing and lucrative hobby. Happy comping!

I've been entering competitions on and off for over 30 years now, in which time I've won lots of little prizes like T-shirts, CD's, Videos, books etc., which were all nice to win and I've won bigger prizes such as a Video Recorder, a Laptop and even a holiday (see here) over the years.  Yes, ordinary people do win!

One of my very first wins was a t-shirt runners up prize from Comfort Fabric Conditioner and it was the one and only time I'd ever won with a slogan!  To be honest, I don't like doing them so I never enter competitions that involve them ............ but maybe after reading some of the tips in this book I may re-consider.

Karen Jones has been entering and winning competitions since childhood, many of which were slogans, and here she shares some of her tricks and tips to help anyone win that elusive prize like a brand new car, a holiday or cash.

Even if you're a seasoned 'comper' or are just a beginner there is something for everyone in this easy to read guide.  Set out in chapters, the titles are self-explanatory:- 

  • Getting Started
  • Entry Foms and Details
  • Customizing your Entry
  • Internet and Phone-in Contests
  • Writing Effective Slogans
  • Sharing Your Hobby
  • Chasing the Big Wins
  • The Value of Research
  • Keeping Records

She tells you how and where to find entry forms, how to increase the chances of YOUR entry being chosen, how she meticulously researches the products to help her write the perfect slogan, plus so many other details that you've probably never even thought of!

This is a great little book to keep referring to when you're going through a lean spell (like me!) and I would recommend it to any 'comper'.

This is just one of many titles in The Greatest Guide series of books available from the lifestyle and gift book publisher 
Special Thanks to them for sending me this book to review.

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