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My thoughts on this suspenseful thriller .....


Genre:  Psychological Thriller
Published:  January 2012
Publishers:  Black Swan

Memories define us.
So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep?

Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love - all forgotten overnight.

And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.

Welcome to Christine's life.


All I want is to feel normal.  To live like everyone else......I thought of my old age.  I tried to imagine what it will be like.  Will I still wake up, in my seventies or eighties, thinking myself to be at the beginning of my life?  Will I wake up with no idea that my bones are old, my joints stiff and heavy?  I can't imagine how I will cope, when I discover that my life is behind me, has already happened, and I have nothing to show for it......

These are the words of 47 year old Christine who wakes up every morning believing that she is still a young woman ....... a young woman who has no idea of where or who she is.  Her husband has to explain patiently to her about her accident, something he has to do every morning before he goes to work.

A Dr. Nash rings her every day and tells her where her journal is and to read it and she'll discover who she is.

Gradually Christine starts to remember some events but they are terrifying events, and she begins to wonder just who she can trust......are her memories real or just imagined ..... is her husband telling her the truth.....and what about Dr. Nash, is he really a doctor?  She feels helpless and doesn't know who to turn to, she begins to doubt her own sanity.

What a compelling and unsettling story this is, as Christine's memory plays tricks on her, you really don't know who is telling the truth, the plot is slowly dragged out with very few clues along the way, until the shocks are played out, and I did not guess what was coming until it hit me in the face!

Very cleverly written, though slow at times as Christine reads her journal every day, I did feel there were far too many unnecessary details in her writing and wondered how she found the time to write everything down every day.  But, aside from that, I thought this was an excellent thriller with just enough twists and turns to keep me turning the pages.


About the Author

S J Watson was born in the Midlands and lives in London.

Before I Go To Sleep has become a phenomenal international success, it has now sold over 4 million copies in over 40 languages around the world. It is a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller, and won both the Crime Writers' Association Award for Best Debut Novel and the Galaxy National Book Award for Crime Thriller of the Year. 

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