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Book Review: KILLER WASPS BY AMY KORMAN Blog Tour and Giveaway

Title: Killer Wasps 
Genre: Mystery/Detective 
Author: Amy Korman
Publish Date: September 16, 2014 
Publisher:  HarperCollins
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Crime really stings in Killer WASPs.

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, is a haven for East Coast WASPs, where tennis tournaments and cocktails at the club are revered traditions. Little happens in the sleepy suburb, and that is the way the Lilly Pulitzer–clad residents prefer it. So when antiques store owner Kristin Clark and her portly basset hound stumble upon the area's newest real estate developer lying unconscious beneath the hydrangea bushes lining the driveway of one of Bryn Mawr's most distinguished estates, the entire town is abuzz with gossip and intrigue.

When the attacker strikes again just days later, Kristin and her three best friends—Holly, a glamorous chicken nugget heiress with a penchant for high fashion; Joe, a decorator who's determined to land his own HGT V show; and Bootsie, a preppy but nosy newspaper reporter— join forces to solve the crime. While their investigation takes them to cocktail parties, flea markets, and the country club, they must unravel the mystery before the assailant claims another victim.

Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series will enjoy shaking up the Philadelphia Main Line


What a life the wealthy residents of Bryn Mawr live!  Their regular meeting and drinking place is the local exclusive Country Club where the normal dress etiquette is designer clothes and pearls.  A town where everyone knows everyone else's business and their favourite pastime is gossip during cocktail hour....which seems to start early morning and end late evening!

Of course our protagonist, Kristin, who inherited an antiques store from her grandparents, is broke but that doesn't stop her enjoying the delights of the Country Club too.  When she and her lovable basset hound, Waffles, discover the local builder of dodgy town houses lying unconscious inside the grounds of the largest expensive property in the town, she is curious as to who the attacker is.

Together with a quirky (and very rich) assortment of friends, she discovers that there were no shortage of people who held a grudge against him.  Then the local Chef is attacked and Kristin's snooping takes her to discover more than she bargained for.

I really enjoyed this story, I loved Waffles who's 'ecstatic reaction to every person he meets is contagious', I loved meeting the residents like Sophie, soon to be ex-wife of the dodgy builder, who always wears pink and is a bit dizzy, there were plenty of hunky men like Channing the sous chef who looks like an Armani model with huge biceps, and John the local vet who Kristin takes a liking to ........

A really fun read, I didn't guess whodunnit, I enjoyed the storyline from start to finish, Kristin is the perfect nosy sleuth, and the nutty but nice residents add colour and character to the first of a new series.  



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About the Author

Amy Korman is a former senior editor and staff writer for Philadelphia Magazine, and author of Frommer’s Guide to Philadelphia. She has written for Town & Country, House Beautiful, Men’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. Killer WASPS is her first novel.



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