Sunday, 31 May 2015

Book Review: Robert B Parker's CHEAP SHOT BY ACE ATKINS

My Thoughts on this slick thriller .......

The New Spenser Novel

The iconic, tough-but-tender Boston PI Spenser returns in an outstanding new addition to the New York Times best-selling series.

Kinjo Heywood is one of the New England Patriots' marquee players - a hard-nosed linebacker who's earned his reputation as one of the toughest guys in the league.  When off-field violence repeatedly lands Heywood in the news, his slick agent hires Spenser to find the men who he says have been harassing his client.

Heywood's troubles seem to be tied to a nightclub shooting from two years earlier.  But when Heywood's young son, Akira, is kidnapped, ransom demands are given, and a winding trail through Boston's underworld begins.  Spenser puts together his own all-star team of toughs.  

Wise-cracking Spenser returns in this edge of the seat thriller as he tries to find the kidnappers of the young son of a popular football player.

Kinjo Heywood, named after an Emperor of Japan was huge and made of muscle and is a loving family man underneath all his toughness.  He is desperate to get his son back and will do anything and pay anything to find him.

But when no ransom demands are forthcoming at first Spenser begins to think Kinjo is paranoid and is sure he's hiding something from his past.  But it's up to Spenser to find out what and whether he's telling him the truth.

I enjoyed this story, I like Spenser and his dry sense of humour, his relationship with his girlfriend shows his softer side. but he's definitely the kind of man you want on your side and no-one else's.  He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him and does it his way, with the help of his two sidekicks.

The story moved along at a brisk pace, with plenty of suspects, keeping my interest throughout, it didn't let up the suspense, it was an easy read overall.

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