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Genre:  Christmas Romantic Comedy
Publication Date:  13 Nov 2015
Publisher:  Choc Lit
Format:  Ebook

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What if the memories of Christmas past were getting in the way of Christmas future?
It’s been nearly two years since Harriet lost Jonno, but she’s finally decided that it’s time to celebrate Christmas again. 

Then she finds a stash of graphic novels belonging to her comic book-loving husband in the attic, and suddenly her world is turned upside down once more. 

With the help of eccentric comic book dealer Kell Foxton, she discovers that the comics collected by Jonno are not only extremely valuable, but also hold the key to his secret life – a life that throws Harriet’s entire marriage and every memory she has of her husband into question. 

As Harriet grows closer to Kell, she begins to feel like she could learn to love Christmas again – but first, she needs to know the truth. 

This is the most perfect Christmas novella that I have ever read!  It was a joy to read, so funny and uplifting with wonderful characters and a wonderful story.

It starts off a little sad as Harriet decides to enjoy Christmas again after she lost her husband at such a young age.  She drags out her dusty, cobwebbed Christmas Tree from the attic and discovers some more graphic novels that her husband collected, which she decides to offer to the same dealer she sold his others to........Kell.

I absolutely adored Kell, the comic book dealer, he was so smart, self-deprecating and had a very dry sense of humour, which had me laughing out loud several times.  I enjoyed the conversations between him and Harriet - so funny.

The novels that were left in the attic feature a woman called Corinthia who rides a motorbike and who has an uncanny likeness to Harriet.  I loved how Harriet's life seemed to be mirroring the heroine Corinthia's story - it was such a lovely and clever idea.

The Art of Christmas is a little gem of a story, it's fabulous and unexpected in parts, with just the right amount of sadness and joy.  I definitely recommend you add this to your festive reads!

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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