Saturday, 15 September 2018

If They Knew by Joanne Sefton - Blog Tour & Extract

Today, I am delighted to be part of Joanne Sefton's blog tour for her debut book If They Knew, thanks to Sabah at Avon Books, and I have an exclusive extract!

I know who you are.
I’ve come to pay you back.
Nobody in Barbara Marsden’s family knows about her past, least of all her daughter Helen. When she is diagnosed with cancer, her secrets are no longer safe. Someone wants the truth to come out.

Desperate to keep her mother safe Helen will stop at nothing to uncover the truth of her past, but the consequences might hurt her own fractured family and put Barbara at risk…

What really happened all those years ago? And who is going to end up paying the price?

A gripping family drama where love and betrayal go hand in hand, perfect for fans of Lisa JewellKerry Fisher and Adele Parks.


Her phone rang just as the children were finishing their food. Helen answered, then tried to balance the slim handset between her ear and shoulder so she could bend to wipe Alys’s mouth, but the child was too quick for her, wriggling off her stool and smearing jammy stickiness down Helen’s clean tights. She let her go, too bone-tired to do anything more.
‘Sorry, I didn’t catch …’ she started to say.
‘It’s Dad, Helen.’
‘Oh, hi, just a sec …’ She paused to push down the door handle for Alys, allowing her to make her escape. Even through the confusion, Helen caught a weight to her father’s tone, and registered that it was odd for him to call when he must have known it was the children’s teatime.
‘The kids on good form then?’ he asked.
‘Yeah, they’re both fine.’
‘They’re not too …’
She heard Neil try to shape the question on his tongue and pictured his fingers worrying at the grey hair that was still thick behind his ears. Eventually he gave up, failure escaping his lips as a gentle sigh down the line.
‘They’re doing fine,’ she repeated, making an effort to say it more gently. ‘But what about you – is everything okay?’
Another breath down the line – this one heavy, steadying.
‘Your mum was up at the hospital today, love.’
Helen racked her memory, uncertain whether this was an appointment that she was meant to have known about. Had Barbara’s eye problem flared up again? Was there anything else that she’d mentioned recently?
‘Right …’ she stalled.
‘It’s not good, Helen.’
His voice cracked on the ‘H’ of her name and she felt her heart jump, then race.
Her father continued, ‘She had a mammogram … They’ve found a lump.’

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