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Q and A with Timothy Patten, Author of Money, Family, Murder

New Thriller Ignites Orange County with Mysterious Murder 

Glamorous Intrigue, and Family Secrets

Author Timothy Patten explodes onto the literary scene with a sleek, action-packed thriller that takes us into the dark heart of one of California’s most exclusive communities, perfect for lovers of NCIS and Criminal Minds. The mystery ignites around a beautiful corpse, a family of billionaires, and one man who must beat the clock and the system to clear his name in an enclave rife with secrets, lies, and betrayal—MONEY, FAMILY, MURDER (TMP Novels, LLC, $24.99, Hardcover, July 14, 2015).

MONEY, FAMILY, MURDER by Timothy Patten 

TMP Novels, LLC

$24.99  285  Hardcover  July 14, 2015

ISBN: 978-0-692-34727-0

Fiction/Mystery  Also available as an ebook

TIMOTHY PATTEN is retired, grew up in Highland Park, Illinois and graduated from University of Miami, Florida with a BBA and MBA in marketing. He volunteers and supports a few local charities in Orange County, California.

Tim and his wife, Kathy live in Irvine, California for over twenty-seven years with their grown children and golden retrievers.

In the picture-perfect community of Newport Beach, violent crime is virtually non-existent. Until one sunny morning, when the beautiful bookkeeper of Newport’s wealthiest family is found strangled in her bed. Johnny Barnes — loyal husband, dad, philanthropist, and all-around decent guy — is arrested for the murder.

Johnny has been wrongly accused. He is released on $20 million bail, but the tide of public feeling turns rapidly against him; everyone has competing agendas, from the power-hungry DA to a perspicacious police detective to Johnny’s influential brother-in-law. With diminishing resources and dwindling hope, Barnes must conduct his own investigation. His journey takes him from Montecito to North Dakota to Key Biscayne as he uncovers a dazzling web of intrigue, self-dealing, exhortation, and murder.

The clock is ticking. Soon Johnny will be sent to prison for a crime he did not commit — unless he is able to identify the true murderer and clear his name in time.

A beautiful corpse. A family of billionaires. An innocent man…or is he?

So begins Money, Family, Murder, an action-packed thriller set in contemporary California. On the sunny shores of Newport Beach, a young woman has been murdered. Johnny Barnes — the prime suspect — is desperate to clear his name. Johnny’s luck is running out. He must take on not only a corrupt criminal justice system but his own duplicitous in-laws, proving our families truly are the ties that bind. Tim Patten takes us into the dark heart of one of America’s most exclusive communities, an enclave rife with secrets, lies, and betrayal. His debut novel will leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for mercy — and begging for more.


1. Did you have ambitions to write and publish prior to penning your debut novel? 

It developed over the last few years, but when I was in college it was different because you had a certain subject to report on depending on the class I was taking at the time. Creating a novel from scratch is a unique project to undertake in your middle years. As I got older and after watching hundreds of films and TV shows, I felt like I could accomplish something in writing. 

2. What is it about the mystery-thriller genre that you find most appealing?

The unknown of what people might do to benefit themselves at the expense of others.Whether it’s stealing money or murdering someone in your way. In this case, you really don’t know until the end who did it and why which to me makes it more suspenseful.

3. Where did your inspiration for the book come from? 

Primarily from watching TV shows and movies in the theater like NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds or books that become movies like American Sniper or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  My wife and I have seen several movies in the last year like Selma, The Birdman and The Homesman where we either walked out of the theater in the middle of the movie or turned off the Pay Per View because it was either boring or too crazy. So I guess that I am in a new phase in my life where I want to try and create a book or storyline versus just being the viewer or reader.

4. Who / what are your biggest literary influences?

I’d say it’s Tom Clancy for a while because of the novels that he wrote which became movies like The Hunt For The Red October or Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which are more military subjects.  
My Dad was a Marine in the Korean War and was stationed in both New Orleans and Camp Pendleton and we watched a lot of war movies growing up because it was part of the culture at the time after WWII, Korean War and the Vietnam War eras. I missed the Vietnam draft by less than a year and my wife and I still like watching war movies.

5. What did you enjoy most about writing MONEY, FAMILY, MURDER? 

Watching the faces and hearing the comments from my family and friends after I gave them a copy and they read it because I never wrote a novel before and didn’t tell anyone about it until after our daughter was married in January. I didn’t want to spoil her special day and I knew that it could wait 

6. What is the number one thing you want people to take away from your novel?

To enjoy the mysterious, thrilling storyline. I also want for them to pick in their minds who would be the actors and actresses playing the characters if it was a movie.

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