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Headline Unzips humour for Christmas

Headline is hoping to corner the comedy market in the run up to Christmas, with the launch of three humour titles this autumn. Foremost among the trio is Rainbow Unzipped!, an "official and uncensored" look at life behind the scenes of the popular TV show, as told by Zippy, George and Bungle to journalist Tim Randall.

This is the first time the "squabbling" Rainbow stars have agreed to lift the lid on what really went on, having rejected approaches from publishers for the past 17 years. Headline described the resulting book as a "hilarious and nostalgic romp through their life stories". It will be released on 1st October, in hardback, priced £12.99. Publisher Emma Tait said: "It's a wonderful and irreverent slice of nostalgia humour that is truly laugh-out-loud funny."

I remember Rainbow on the TV but I don't think I ever watched it. I just wonder why they've decided to "tell all" now?

Before it unzips Rainbow, Headline is publishing its follow up to last year's bestselling Evil Penguins with the September release of Evil Cats (hb, £7.99).

Illustrator Elia Anie's book "confirms once and for all that felines are as capable of dastardly deeds as any other member of the animal kingdom", Headline said. Tait added: "Evil Penguins was one of the big humour hits of last Christmas, and with cats as the subject matter this year, we think Elia's new book has the potential to be even bigger."

I've never heard of Evil Penguins but it sounds like a fun read!

Topping off the titles is another sequel—Busty, Slag and Nob End, the follow-up to Potty, Fartwell and Knob—which is published on 15th October (hb, £9.99).

Russell Ash has compiled real names of places and products as well as people from around the world. Each name has been thoroughly checked and authenticated, from Connie Lingus and Blo Job to Harriet Nicewonger and Dick Swinger.

Publisher Val Hudson said: "As this country's greatest living expert on naughty bits, Russsell's delivered another belter of a book with this piece of smut-lit."

I love the sound of this book - it's difficult (but funny) to believe that there is actually somebody called Dick Swinger. What were their parents thinking of??!! Guess what hubby's pressie is this Christmas? Haha

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