Thursday, 14 May 2009

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Beachcombing by Maggie Dana
Genre: Fiction
Published by Macmillan New Writing (2009)
Paperback: 340

Synopsis (from Amazon):

Jillian Hunter treasures her independence. She s raised two sons by herself, launched a small business, and restored a tumbledown beach cottage in Connecticut. But when a trip to London reunites her with Colin an old flame she hasn t seen in thirty-five years Jill falls for him all over again. Love makes Jill reckless. This could be her chance for a new beginning. But Colin isn t quite the boy she remembers and she ends up risking everything she s worked for her business, her home, and her two closest friends to make a life with him. And when she s faced with the risk of losing Colin as well, Jill is forced to take an uncomfortably close look at the woman she s allowed herself to become.

Funny, sophisticated, and wise, Beachcombing is a coming-of-middle-age story about girlfriends when you re no longer a girl, about growing up when you re already grown up, and the price you're willing to pay for the love of your life.

This looks like a good summer read and I just love the colourful book cover.

If you want to know more about Maggie Dana click here

Special Thanks to Maggie Dana


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