Saturday, 17 February 2018

A Year of New Adventures by Maddie Please - Blog Tour & Guest Post

Today I am featuring Maddie Please with her hilarious new book A Year of New Adventures and Maddie has written a guest post especially for my blog telling us five things about her!

Genre:  Holiday humour
Publication Date:  5 February 2018
Publisher:  Avon
Estimated Page Count:  400

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It’s time for Billie Summers to have an adventure … but it might not be exactly what she expected.

Billie Summers has always been quite content in her little cottage in the Cotswolds, sure half the house hasn’t been renovated, but what’s the point when it’s only her! Working part-time at her uncle’s bookshop and planning 3-4 writer retreats with her best friend allows her to pay the bills. What more could anyone want?

That is until Oliver Forest, the bad boy of the book world, turns up to one of her retreats and points out that Billie hasn’t done anything very adventurous. Couple that with her best friend falling head over heels and beginning to drift away from their Friday night wine and dinner plans, Billie is starting to wonder if it isn’t time she take control of her life.

So she starts a list: get fitted (properly) for a bra, fix up rest of house, find a ‘career’ and well, get a tattoo … Her life might just get the makeover it needs, too bad irritating and far-too-attractive for his own good, Oliver keeps showing up …

Because sometimes you need an adventure!

Guest Post by author Maddie Please

Five Things About Me.

  1. When it comes to food I like temperature extremes. Very cold, hard ice cream. None of that soft, whippy stuff for me! Very hot chilli, soup, lasagne. Anything tepid or just warm is a no-no.

  1. I love making bread. I went on a one-day course with Exeter Cookery School @cookinexeter recently and had a great time. I’m thinking of going to their French Bistro Course next.

  1. My ideal holiday is a road trip to America with my husband. I know it’s not the cool thing to say but I love America. Every time I go there I am amazed by the people, the landscape, the sheer size of the country.

  1. I love the Tudor period in history and I can’t resist buying every book I see on the subject - particularly about Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. Even though I know it won’t end well for either of them!

  1. I’m a member of a Twitter band of 10 writers called the Literary Lovelies some of whom I’ve never met. They are a marvellous group who provide support encouragement and enthusiasm. We try and meet up occasionally but we are scattered through the UK and it’s not always easy.

Thank you Maddie!

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