Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman - Book Review

Today I am reviewing the delightful The Garden of Small Beginnings which is published today

Genre:  Contemporary Fiction/Romance
Publication Date:  22 February 2018
Publisher:  Sphere

The place where friendship grows ........

In the three years since her husband died in a car accident, Lili has just about managed to resume her day-to-day life as a single mother and successful illustrator. She can now get her two girls to school, show up to work and watch TV like a pro. But there's still the small problem of the aching loss she feels inside.

When she's commissioned to illustrate a series of horticultural books, and signs up to a weekly gardening class, finally her life starts to blossom again. The class provides Lili with a new network of unexpected friends – friends with their own heartaches and problems – and, maybe, another chance at love . . .

Set in Southern California, The Garden of Small Beginnings is a lovely, poignant, sad but very funny look at life from the roots of friendship to the blooming of romance ........
Lili is still recovering from the shock of losing her beloved husband but her sister Rachel thinks she's ready for a new romance - Lili's disinterested but that doesn't stop Rachel from trying to match her up with any available eligible man.  
The interactions between the sisters is one of many hilarious moments in the story.  I laughed and giggled so much at their dry sense of humour.
They both attend the weekly gardening class, together with Lili's adorable and also very funny two young daughters and they meet an odd but very friendly assortment of people.  A retired banker, two teachers, a surfer dude and a single mother, not to mention the very dishy teacher Edward.
In between the chapters are filled with gardening tips, which was written in a brilliant tongue in cheek way.
This is a wonderful story of the unexpected events that happen in our lives, some tragic, some happy, and of the consequences and how we deal with those events, it's about friendships and people...... it's honest and uplifting and emotional.....and I loved it!


Born in England, Abbi Waxman has worked as a copywriter and then a creative director at various advertising agencies in London and New York, including Ogilvy and Mather, Y&R, Grey, and Wunderman. After successfully ghost-writing Nicole Ritchie's novel, Abbi quit advertising, and turned to writing of her own. Abbi lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three kids, three dogs, three cats and seven chickens.

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