Sunday, 31 May 2009

Book Review: Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl

Genre: (Christian) Mystery Thriller
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers (2009)
Pages: 284 (Hardback)

First Lines:

"Come on, Jalapeno!"
Katie Converse jerked the dog's leash.

My Thoughts:

Katie, a 17 year old student goes missing before Christmas.
With no clues to go on, the police and her family are baffled by her disappearance.

In Lis Wiehl's debut novel we are introduced to the 3 members of the 'Triple Threat' Club, who are Allison - a Federal Prosecutor, Cassidy - a TV Reporter and Nicole - an FBI Special Agent, all friends from way back.

As they all get involved in the case, we learn about any new developments from each different angle, from Nicole interviewing the distraught parents to Allison grilling the main suspect to Cassidy's nightly TV news reports of her 'scoops', all of which I found very compelling.

As each of the women did have such different roles, I was about half way through the book before I could remember exactly who each of them was, e.g. when Allison was mentioned, I had to keep checking the blurb on the book to jog my memory of who she was! Maybe my brain just couldn't cope with remembering 3 main characters.

But, overall, I thought this was a very intelligent thriller, with just enough twists and turns to keep my interest going till the end.

Recommended for anyone who enjoys crime thrillers.

At the end of the book you can read the first two chapters of Lis Wiehl's next book Hand of Fate which is out in April 2010 - the 2nd in the 'Triple Threat' series.

For Lis Wiehl's website click here.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers - this book was part of their Book Review Bloggers program.


  1. I really am stuck in a rut reading wise.I am going to click your link right now ans see if it is available on kindle

  2. Hi Yvette, kindle (or similar) is on my wish list! I hope you find its available.



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