Saturday, 18 July 2009

Book Review: THE JEWEL KEEPERS: Book One: Albion by EJ Bousfield

The Jewel Keepers: Book One: Albion by EJ Bousfield

Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Kings Hart Books (May 2009)
Pages: 210 (Paperback)

EJ Bousfield's debut novel introduces us to two young girls separated by almost 2,000 years. In the year 2008 13 year old Katie's nana tells her the story of a magical Jewel which was 'a gift from the Gods' and has been missing for many years. She says that Katie is a Jewel Keeper who must try and find this Jewel before it gets into the wrong hands.
Katie does have special gifts but dismisses her nana's tale as just a nice story from an old lady who has been in 'The Sanctuary' Hospital for too many years but as Katie is leaving her -

'It is no story Katie,' she heard Nana call as she walked out of the room, 'it is your destiny.'

In the year 23 A.D. 11 year old Mortunda, the daughter of the King of the Brigante tribe, also has special gifts and her destiny too is linked to the Jewel. But in what way? And how is she linked to Katie?

This is the 1st book in The Jewel Keepers trilogy and at the end I was intrigued enough to want to know the answers to many of the questions.

EJ Bousfield's writing was fast paced and never boring, her descriptions and attention to detail made the story come alive. I was fascinated by the mysterious and highly valued Seronydd seers who were 'the eyes of the Gods' who could see into the future and who the rebellious Mortunda was drawn to.

I think that young and not so young adults will be fascinated to learn more of the girls' destinies.

The 2nd book in this fantasy fiction series is called 'Mona' and The Jewel Keepers website is here


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