Friday, 3 July 2009

Book Review: Women, Wisdom & Dreams by Anne Scott

Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit
Publisher: Nicasio Press (2008)
Pages: 131 (Paperback)

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean, what they are trying to tell you?

In Women, Wisdom & Dreams, Anne Scott believes that

Dreams show us what we need to know, over time. If a woman accepts a dream as the beginning of a fertile process, and learns simply to hold it with curiosity and acceptance, then this vital energy, this forgotten language, can begin to tell the truth of who she is.

Throughout the book there are many instances of womens dreams and Anne Scott's interpretations of them is fascinating; she also explains how women can heal themselves once they have begun to understand their meaning, as "dreams are messengers bearing images that heal and restore life."

She recommends that we should get into the habit of writing down our dreams when we awake in the morning (or if we awake in the night) as "this sends a message that you are receptive, that you are listening, and will often make it easier for you to recall your dreams. This is how to welcome the wisdom that comes from our depths."
I think this book is an excellent introduction to the dream world which certainly made me more aware of them and whilst reading this book and afterwards I found that I dreamed more and definitely remembered the dreams in the morning so maybe the book's magic is working already!

"While dreams may not make our lives easier, they can help us to live more mindfully, aligned with the soul."
This was a nice, easy to read book and, at only 126 pages long, it can easily fit into your bag and be dipped in and out of when you just want to remember a few thoughts.

TITLE: WOMEN, WISDOM & DREAMS: The Light of the Feminine Soul

Special Thanks to Lisa Roe at Online Publicist for the review copy

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