Thursday, 14 May 2009

In The Post Today

Beachcombing by Maggie Dana
Genre: Fiction
Published by Macmillan New Writing (2009)
Paperback: 340

Synopsis (from Amazon):

Jillian Hunter treasures her independence. She s raised two sons by herself, launched a small business, and restored a tumbledown beach cottage in Connecticut. But when a trip to London reunites her with Colin an old flame she hasn t seen in thirty-five years Jill falls for him all over again. Love makes Jill reckless. This could be her chance for a new beginning. But Colin isn t quite the boy she remembers and she ends up risking everything she s worked for her business, her home, and her two closest friends to make a life with him. And when she s faced with the risk of losing Colin as well, Jill is forced to take an uncomfortably close look at the woman she s allowed herself to become.

Funny, sophisticated, and wise, Beachcombing is a coming-of-middle-age story about girlfriends when you re no longer a girl, about growing up when you re already grown up, and the price you're willing to pay for the love of your life.

This looks like a good summer read and I just love the colourful book cover.

If you want to know more about Maggie Dana click here

Special Thanks to Maggie Dana


  1. Carole

    It's lovely to see my cover up there, and good to know it arrived safe and sound. Now all we need is a bit of summer weather to go with it. I'm in Connecticut and spring has only shown up for a day here and there, which means it'll probably bypass us altogether and we'll be plunged directly into a searing hot summer. Must go and find bathing suit, bucket and spade!


  2. Hi Maggie, if you came to England today you wouldn't need a bucket and spade - you'd need a canoe! Rain, rain, rain.
    I Hope all goes well for the launch in June.

  3. Am thinking of an ark. I could turn in my airline ticket and sail over instead.



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